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Otonamaki's history

Otonamaki is a new health method t hat started in Japan since 2015. Midwifery Professor Nobuko Watanabe invented it.

Professor Watanabe came up with Otonamaki in the process of study the baby-swaddling(baby-wrapping, Ohinamaki).

Professor Watanabe say, the baby can not hold its head up at around 4 months. In the meantime, it hold the baby round with baby- swaddling.It is an image of a baby in the uterus.

But some people said that baby-swaddling looked tight for baby.Therefore,professor Watanabe did baby-swaddling adults to prove what was not tight.

Professor Watanabe wanted a comment from them that they were not tight.But they commented that they felt comfortable and relaxed.

From there,leaving baby-swaddling, Otonamaki will develop independently.It is now known not only in Japan but also in the world through television and the Internet.

Efect of Otonamaki

Medical evidence of Otonamaki is under research now.But experiences commented that they felt comfortable and relaxed,their body got softer.

Some athletes are also beginning to take in order to train the body balance.

Goods for Otonamaki

-Dedicated mesh cloth
-Dedicated neck protector

A special cloth is necessary to prevent hot and stifling inside of Otonamaki. In order not to damage the neck, a special protector is also necessary.If you need it,it is possible to buy at our clinic(11,660yen

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In addition to the above, Otonamaki experience and purchasing Tocochan belt are also possible.