JUDOmassage,Otonamaki,Tocochan belt in Tokyo Japan

JUDOmassage,Otonamaki,Tocochan belt in Tokyo Japan

Welcome to Seccozin's web site.

Seccozin is a JUDOmassage clinic with a nationally licensed meister.

We can treat backache,stiff neck and shoulders,sprain,fracture,dislocation.

In addition to the above, Otonamaki experience and purchasing Tocochan belt are also possible.

Appointment only Availability table
Phone(Japanese speaker only) 03-5642-9380
Email(Foreigner n English only)
For Email,please put【SECCOZIN】in the title.

Clinic hours
W/D 10am - 7pm
SUN 10am - 1pm
SAT and National holiday Close

- You need the appointmant for the treatment.
- We accept only cash.

Nihombashi T building #801
2-1-9 Nihombashi-Ningyocho,
Chuoku, Tokyo, Japan
Postal code 103-0013

By Tokyo Metro
Z10 Suitengumae station of Hanzomo line
aaaaaaaThe nearest gate number is 7.
(3min.)H13 Ningyocho station of Hibiya line
aaaaaaaThe nearest gate number is A1.

By Toei Subway
A14 Ningyocho station of Asakusa line
aaaaaaaThe nearest gate number is A3.

It's possible to pick you up at the nearest gate of the station. When you make appointment by Email, please write you want and the station you use.

Appointment availability table:
:Available a little
X :Unavailable(Full)
AM:10-13 PM:13-17 EV:17-19

18Mar (Sun) △(AM only)
19Mar (Mon) X
20Mar (Tue) △(PM only)
21Mar (Wed) X
22Mar (thu) △(PM only)
23Mar (Fri) X
24Mar (Sat) X
25Mar (Sun) △(AM only)
26Mar (Mon) X
27Mar (Tue) △(EV only)
28Mar (Wed) X
29Mar (thu) △(PM only)
30Mar (Fri) X
31Mar (Sat) X
01Apr (Sun) △(AM only)
02Apr (Mon) X
03Apr (Tue) X
04Apr (Wed) X
05Apr (thu) X
06Apr (Fri) △(PM only)
07Apr (Sat) X
08Apr (Sun) △(AM only)
09Apr (Mon) X
10Apr (Tue) △(EV only)
11Apr (Wed) X
12Apr (thu) △(PM only)
13Apr (Fri) X
14Apr (Sat) X
15Apr (Sun) △(AM only)
16Apr (Mon) X
17Apr (Tue) △(PM only)
18Apr (Wed) X
19Apr (thu) △(EV only)
20Apr (Fri) X
21Apr (Sat) X
22Apr (Sun) △(AM only)
23Apr (Mon) X
24Apr (Tue) △(PM only)
25Apr (Wed) X
26Apr (thu) △(PM only)
27Apr (Fri) X
28Apr (Sat) X
29Apr (Sun) △(AM only)
30Apr (Mon) X

Now, May, SUN-AM only available.