JUDOmassage,Otonamaki,Tocochan belt in Tokyo Japan

Clinic hour W/D 10:00 - 19:00
SUN 10:00 - 13:00
SAT and National holiday Close

Appointment only


treatmant LIST



B(50min.) 5,980yen
C(90min.) 9,980yen incl tax

What is JUDOmassage?

Otonamaki experience

3people group (50min.) 8,940yen (2,980yen x 3pax)
2people group (50min.) 7,960yen (3,980yen x 2pax)

1 person participation is not accepted.
It is done one by one,no together.Choose nomal, hammock.
It needs soft cloth,socks and passport.
The time required 50min. included all processes of the program. The time wearing Otonamaki is about 15min. par parson.
What is Otonamaki?

Tocochan belt

What is Tocochan belt?


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Welcome to Seccozin's web site!

Seccozin is a JUDOmassage clinic with a nationally licensed meister.

We can treat backache,stiff neck,stiff shoulders,sprain,fracture and dislocation.

In addition to the above, Otonamaki experience and purchasing Tocochan belt are also possible.

Appointment availavility table
AM 10:00 - 13:00
PM 13:00 - 17:00
EV 17:00 - 19:00
Available a little
X Unavailable (Full)

20 Mar-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
21 Mar-Thu Close
22 Mar-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
23 Mar-Sat Close
24 Mar-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X
25 Mar-Mon AM:X PM:X EV:X
26 Mar-Tue AM:X PM: EV:X
27 Mar-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
28 Mar-Thu AM:X PM: EV:X
29 Mar-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
30 Mar-Sat Close
31 Mar-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X

01 Apr-Mon AM:X PM:X EV:X
02 Apr-Tue AM:X PM: EV:X
03 Apr-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
04 Apr-Thu AM:X PM: EV:X
05 Apr-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
06 Apr-Sat Close
07 Apr-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X
08 Apr-Mon AM:X PM:X EV:X
09 Apr-Tue AM:X PM: EV:X
10 Apr-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
11 Apr-Thu AM:X PM: EV:X
12 Apr-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
13 Apr-Sat Close
14 Apr-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X
15 Apr-Mon AM:X PM:X EV:X
16 Apr-Tue AM:X PM: EV:X
17 Apr-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
18 Apr-Thu AM:X PM: EV:X
19 Apr-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
20 Apr-Sat Close
21 Apr-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X
22 Apr-Mon AM:X PM:X EV:X
23 Apr-Tue AM:X PM: EV:X
24 Apr-Wed AM:X PM:X EV:X
25 Apr-Thu AM:X PM: EV:X
26 Apr-Fri AM:X PM:X EV:X
27 Apr-Sat Close
28 Apr-Sun AM: PM:X EV:X
29 Apr-Mon Close